In Progress/Completed

Internal Projects (Amtrak led Projects)

  •    • Legacy Club (completed)
  •    • Metropolitan Lounge (completed)
  •    • Szabo Control Center (Operations Center) (completed)
  •    • Restoration of Grand Staircases in the Great Hall (completed)
  •    • Burlington Room (formerly Women’s Lounge) (completed)
  •    • Relocation of the General Bulletin Office (Crew Area) (completed)
  •    • Façade Restoration (completed)
  •    • Great Hall Skylight and Dome Structure Rehab (in progress)
  •    • Concourse Automatic Door Installation (in progress)
  •    • Air Conditioning in Great Hall and Surrounding Areas (in progress)

Renovated Metropolitan Lounge
Great Hall
Renovated Burlington Room (formerly Women’s Lounge)


External Projects (Projects led by Others)

Recently Completed Transit Center
Adams Street Construction
Canal Street Construction